The first collection from STUDIO BJARKA

Bjarka is the ancient Nordic name for birch. Its adaptability enables it to swiftly repopulate areas damaged by forest fires or clearings, preparing the way for others to come. It represents the birth of the forest, this collection, and our collaborative studio.

This pioneering tree is one of light. It symbolizes mother earth in its deepest sense: modesty, elegance, femininity, kindness, protection, sweetness, stability, and reconciliation.  With all these qualities, the Bjarka collection dresses and adorns private and public interiors, reflecting nature and creating a receptive ambiance.

The patterns are primarily printed on eco-friendly linen, but also on other eco-friendly fabrics, and produced on demand in cooperation with one of the best printers in Europe.

We are two Designers who met while working for the interior design industry.  Our visions connected and the idea of a collaborative project was sparked. Studio Bjarka is our way to inspire and touch people by what we call co-creation. With this, we want to contribute to a way of living through the medium of art with a focus on consciousness and care for nature. We are in awe of the miracle of life and human creativity.

Dominique was born in Paris, with an MFA in Art, textile design, and fabrics.
She has taught textile creation at the Brussel‘s  École Supérieure de la Cambre and worked as a designer for businesses dealing with textiles, flooring and wall coverings as well as a consultant for the creation of trends and colors. Since the year 2000, her creativity has been inspired by nature, and trees in particular

Ulla was born and raised in the north of Sweden. She has an MFA in product design from the University of Gothenburg,  Sweden. From her early life and throughout her career she has worked patterns and textiles which has taken her from clothing designer,  pattern designer, design director and director of future concepts, with over 20 years experience in international industrial design companies.